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DNT Plus Voice Solutions and Systems

DNT Plus has implemented and managed hundreds of voice solutions for several leading organizations and companies. We know the ins and outs of designing, installing, implementing, and maintaining premium voice services. DNT Plus provides integration of heterogeneous Voice Solutions to improve existing networks including phone switches, VOIP, direct lines, Asterix systems and remote-user and location set-ups.  The company's Voice Solutions Portfolio includes traditional phone solutions as well as Voice over IP (VoIP) enabled solutions.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows transmission of voice calls utilizing the same standard used for data transactions; it enables the convergence of traditional data applications with voice to make better use of telecommunications facilities and can provide enhanced features and functionality, like unified messaging and dynamic bandwidth allocation.

Contact / Call Center Solutions

For Call / Contact Centers, convergence is the key for success, when it comes to offering world-class Client Service Management. Availability of a channel to efficiently service customers through video, voice, text (or a combination of these elements and features) is a key requirement for successful operation of all Call Centers. DNT Plus helps the contact centers by offering a wide array of high class and premium services which helps them in increasing their productivity and profitability. We facilitate highly efficient delivery of service by pre-arranging multifarious legal and technical arrangements across a wide range of entities, options & technologies.

DNT Plus has, among the many other countries, successfully setup and supported call centers for several organizations in Cambodia, Senegal, Togo, South Africa, Rwanda and Uganda.

Internet Service Provider (ISP) Solutions

DNT Plus Voice Technical Team helps Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to sell one more service to their end customers - Voice. Selling voice over IP is an attractive value-addition to their traditional offering, viz., providing pure bandwidth through broadband or DSL or any other solution as the ISP may want. Ability to sell voice services is an opportunity for ISPs to maximize revenues from their existing client-base.
Voice Solutions and Systems DNT Plus offers customized solutions to Internet Service Providers so they can offer their end users a feature-rich broadband telephony service. ISPs only need to keep managing the connectivity to end users. DNT Plus manages equipment specifications, configuration, upgrading and monitoring of VoIP services. We act as a catalyst for ISPs to achieve quick growth without having to invest in additional manpower, infrastructure, maintenance, or research. DNT Plus ensures immediate up-scaling of business volumes and enhanced customer delight, minus the capital expenditure and resource overheads. We assist ISPs run this additional arm of revenue generation completely under their brand, helping retain customer relationships and top-of-mind recall value for an additional branded service.

Corporate Voice Solutions

DNT Plus presents custom exhaustive business solutions to manage the entire communication needs of your business. DNT Plus VoIP Solutions provide a full spectrum of VoIP services that meet current and future technology needs. Companies and Organizations can easily gain disaster recovery initiatives for voice communications and protect themselves in the event of an outage or voice system failure. In addition to being typically more cost effective than traditional phone systems, DNT Plus VoIP Solutions offer Corporate Business Organisations complete voice redundancy and stringent quality of service agreements.

DNT Plus provides design, installation, and maintenance services for data and voice networks.  We specialize in the next generation voice communications solutions to deliver a comprehensive suite of voice services to local and remote users across the extended IP enterprise.  Our goal is to provide a flexible, high-availability system that represents the new model for voice communications in today's global IP-centric infrastructure. 

Due to the flexibility of our Voice Solutions, we are able to size our clients with the appropriate solution for the needs and requirements of their particular environments.

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