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Technology Architecture and Design

Technology Systems Analysis

Investing in large scale technical solutions is an expensive undertaking. Risk analysis should take place within the first phase of any sizable development project. DNT Plus can perform small scale pilot studies, which can insulate you from investing in a technology architecture that is not scalable or viable under production conditions.

System Architecture & Design

DNT Plus’ senior analysts provide comprehensive systems architecture and design services. Our full-lifecycle approach ensures that a proposed system design will incorporate the broad business context and long-term strategic needs that the system will support. This area of service includes components such as:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Business area analysis
  • Alternatives identification and analysis
  • Systems analysis and design
  • Systems architecture
  • Data and process modeling
  • Interface and data exchange analysis

Database Architecture & Design

At some point, all organizations wrestle with data issues and obstacles. DNT Plus has created, repaired, integrated, and managed virtually every type of database. We begin with data analysis, finding data anomalies that clients are unaware of, gather and suggest data requirements, design databases that reflect the business landscape as opposed to just the hardware and software, and implement a full database architecture. Our database implementations meet the identified client requirements and are flexible enough to grow with the organization without major re-designs. We are experienced in all industries with established industry practices.

Data Services

DNT Plus offers comprehensive data services in the following areas:

  • Data Acquisition Strategies
  • Data Recovery
  • Data Restoration
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Conversions
  • Data Encryption/Decryption
  • Data Archival

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