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DNT Plus Storage and Backup Solutions

Storage Solutions

Information is an organization’s most important asset. DNT Plus helps businesses and government agencies of all sizes manage more information more effectively than ever before. We provide solutions that meet and exceed your most demanding business and IT challenges. Our focus is on providing uniquely tailored, customized storage network solutions to meet our customer's individual needs.

Benefits of Storage and Backup Solutions

Access your data anytime with the data center services storage and tape environments.

Enjoy cutting-edge facilities without the necessary capital expenditure.

Use the latest technologies that are continually refreshed and provide best-of-breed hardware, software and equipment.

Scale up or down as your data needs grow or shrink without the necessary capital investment.

Focus on your core business while CenturyLink helps with your IT infrastructure

Reliable Back-up & Disaster Recovery

DNT Plus believes in a proactive strategy to keep your networks maintained at an optimum level and a prepared plan waiting in the wings if a disaster occurs. We deploy a custom approach to disaster recovery and business continuation planning for your organization.

We know how critical it is to have a solid plan for preserving the integrity of your systems and data in the event of an emergency. We will help you formulate and design a high availability strategy for business continuity. We view Disaster Recovery as an integral part of our service and provide project management and technical consultation regarding your network, telecommunications, virtualization, and storage management.

A step-by-step plan is developed with your key personnel to determine best practices and procedures. With the Systems team of analysts, project managers and technicians by your side, you will be able to confidently take action. We create plans for such things as system failover capabilities, off-site storage, alternate working sites, and documentation.

We help to ensure that the critical operations of your business are recovered and available.

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